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Celebrating Academic Excellence

Milka celebrates the achievements of children and students and is proud to promote their accomplishments in this special section. Email us photos of your child/student with reference to their award/accomplishment and we’ll post it here.

Congratulations to All!

2014 Honoree:

Erick Scarpone Erick Scarpone    

2013 Honoree:

Anna Anna    

2012 Honorees:

Erik Paul Klausing Erik Paul Klausing Crystal Shirrell Crystal Shirrell Megan Megan

2011 Honorees:

Anna Anna Blake Blake Julio Julio
  • Charles Tucker III, PhD.

    Associate Dean of Engineering for Undergraduate Programs, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


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    “Milka’s belief in the importance of education and her own
    educational achievements are a wonderful example to our

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